New Clients


We are so excited to meet you and to create the hair of your dreams! Since this will be our first introduction, we want to make sure that we have plenty of time to create the hair color you are wanting to achieve!  These appointments are intentionally a little bit longer.  Your future appointments will be more aligned with our regular maintenance experiences.


Choose your service experience

We know choosing the correct services can be difficult & overly technical so we offer New Client Service Experiences with brief descriptions of your desired hair to help assist you in the process.

Select the link which most describes the service type you are looking to receive and follow the instructions on the page.


Meet our team

We have talented team of stylists and estheticians ready to meet your every need!

Every stylist has a their own description and link to social media so you can check out their work and their services with pricing.  They will take their time to ensure that you leave the salon feeling like your best self.


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After choosing your desired service and stylist for you, book your appointment through our online portal!

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New Color Client Experience

New Client Dimensional  $150-$210

This experience is a customizable hair treatment designed to cater to a wide range of hair colors and styles including Blondes, Brondes, Brunettes and Redheads. This service is particularly suitable for those who prefer a “Lived In” look, low maintenance, high contrast or trendy hair styles and only visit the salon a few times a year.


By using a blend of techniques such as Foils, Balayage, TeasyLights, Babylights, Shadow Roots, Root Smudges, Glosses and more, the goal of this experience is to  achieve tailored results that enhance and compliment each client’s natural or desired hair color. This service is ideal for clients looking to add depth with shadows or lowlights while also brightening and enhancing certain areas of their hair.


This personalized approach to hair styling allows clients to achieve their desired look while minimizing the need for frequent salon visits making it a convenient option for individuals with busy schedules or those who prefer a low-maintenance hair care routine.

New Client Signature Blondes $130-$180

If you’re a blonde who likes that bright freshly highlighted look, maybe even some brighter ends, look no further. If you’re accustomed to visiting the salon every 6-10 weeks for highlights, we recommend the signature Blonde over Dimensional Color. This is also an option for Redheads, Brondes, & Brunettes that like more impact with lighter pieces, and less low maintenance looks.

We utilize foils, balayage, and different techniques to add lighter/brighter pieces throughout your head. No root adjustments needed as this service is for those that don’t like to have a darker root area, and are all about seeing pieces of lightness all the way to the scalp.

For this experience we focus on touching up your regrowth all over, and adding lightness to the tips and ends if needed.  This service includes a healing color glaze that enhances tone, shine, and hair health.

New Client Signature Coverage $120-$230

This experience is for guests that are looking to cover their gray that is slightly grown out or within 6 to 8 weeks of your last appointment.  This experience is for all types of gray coverage color from dark to light.  


The custom blended formula of color used in this service is designed to touch up roots, balance out the rest of the hair, and enhance tone, shine, and hair health with a healing color glaze. The focus is on applying permanent or demi-permanent color to touch up regrowth all over and balance the ends with demi-permanent color for a cohesive and polished look.


If it’s your first time coloring your hair, it has been more than 2 months since your last color treatment, or you’re planning a significant change in your hair color, we recommend looking into our transformation services, which offers more comprehensive color treatments and consultations to achieve your desired results.

New Client Deluxe coverage $175-$290

For clients looking to cover or blend their gray hair regrowth or touch up grown-out all-over color while adding moderate dimension and highlighting throughout the hair using customized lightening techniques. This service is ideal for individuals who prefer a comprehensive change to their hair color and is particularly suitable for Brunettes, Redheads, and Blondes who typically maintain their color every 4-8 weeks.


This custom blended formula of color is used to touch up the roots, while techniques like foils or balayage are employed to add pieces of lightness and dimension throughout the hair. The service is completed with a healing color glaze that enhances tone, shine, and overall hair health for a polished finish.


During this experience, the focus is on touching up regrowth all over with Permanent or Demi permanent color, strategically placing dimension to enhance the base color, and balancing the ends with Demi permanent color for a cohesive look.


If  you are considering this service and it’s your first time coloring your hair, it has been more than 3 months since your last color treatment, or you are planning a significant change, we recommend exploring our Transformation services, which likely offer more extensive color treatments and consultations to achieve your desired look.

Deluxe Transformation $210-$350*

Are you looking to make a major change to your hair color, or has it been more than 6 months since you colored your hair?  A transformation service may be what you are looking for.  These services can include a full platinum blonde lightening  service, vivid hair color, or corrective hair color.  This service is also perfect for those looking to renew their hair after box color or other “at home” products. 

Please reach out to us by phone or text and we can assist you with any questions you may have in booking this service.

*Requires a virtual or in-person consultation before booking.

Grey Transformation $250-$1,000*

If you’re looking to embrace your natural grey color, this service is for you!  Grey transformation is an all-inclusive service that will take you from your current, colored hair, to an all-over grey that will embrace your natural silver!

*Requires a virtual or in-person consultation before booking.