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What is Color Analysis?

You’ll see the difference instantly. That moment when a color lights up your face, makes your skin glow and your eyes brighten. A color analysis is the start of a deep, natural confidence that stays with you forever.

Knowing the color tones for your hair is information included in your analysis, as well as a make-up application including lipsticks that will look amazing on you, and a guide to finding your best colors in your favorite clothing stores.

About Your Appointment

We see clients in groups: organize with your friends, or request to be added to a warm, friendly, and informative session. You may also schedule an exclusive individual appointment.

It takes approximately one hour per person in the analysis class. House of Colour trainees receive the most thorough color analysis training available and run franchises throughout the world. All associates are trained the same way and provide the same excellent service to every client that walks through our doors.

House of Colour Services





House of color space with fabric draped colors and a russet-colored couch


Naphtali C – Ankeny, Blend and Bright

Autumn & Natural Romantic

Hey friends, I’m Naphtali and I’m so glad you’re here!

I got my colors done early on in 2020 and it really changed my life! I walked into my appointment being really confident I already knew my season.  I had been a hair color specialist for many years.  So when it came to analyzing people’s eyes, hair color and skin tone, I thought I knew it all!

During my appointment I learned there were many gaps in my own understanding of personal coloring. It truly blew me away when I saw the process with my own eyes.  Guess what… I was not accurate in my assessment of what my season was.

When I had my style class I was again blown away by the depth of information I received that was life changing for me!  It has been such a fun journey to know how to dress my body confidently, as well as pairing that with displaying my personality through my wardrobe.  I have NEVER felt like a more authentic version of myself than I do now!

I can’t wait to meet you & share these amazing experiences with you to help you build confidence in Color & Style too!


Amy S – Ankeny, The District

Winter & Ingenue Gamine

After researching the color analysis process, Amy decided to ask for the appointment as a gift. And what a gift it was! She finally understood why she didn’t love her wardrobe. To have the tools to focus on her best colors for everything she wears — from makeup to accessories — was truly life changing.

Amy feels SO blessed to share this gift and teach men and women about the joy of loving their colors! She added to her understanding by taking the style class a few months later — which completed her personal image transformation.

She highly encourages everyone that has their colors done to take the style class. Personal stylists have been seen as a luxury, but it is now more accessible than ever. Amy truly believes that color and style will save you time and money and make the daily ritual of dressing more of a joy!


Kyla B – Ankeny, Blend and Bright

Winter, Romantic Ingenue

Kyla is so excited to join the House of Colour team, she operates her beautiful studio out of her home in Ankeny! Kyla was gifted a color analysis at a time when she was not feeling her most confident. Finding out her “wow” colors instantly changed how she saw herself. From that point on, Kyla encouraged everyone that commented on how great a color looked on her to have their colors done. Soon after Kyla booked her style appointment and fell in love with the whole process, science, and ease of being able to put an outfit together and shine from the inside out. 

Kyla knew joining House of Colour would be the perfect opportunity for her to be able to help others find their shine, too!

In Kyla’s free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and doing cross fit. 


Developing Personal Style

A separate service offered by our staff is Style Analysis. Through additional world class training from House of Colour, we are equipped to analyze your proportions, preferences, and personality to curate your custom Clothing Personality. This will open a world of possibilities when it comes to choosing patterns and prints, jewelry, silhouettes, hem lengths to put together outfits that accentuate your individuality and highlight all your best features (you have a A LOT, we will tell you all about them!)

Not only will you learn what looks best on you, but also you will take away information on putting together outfits for any work or casual environment. Do you need to show up with added authority to work? We teach you how! Do you want to look creative and approachable? We help with that, too! You will walk away with a guideline to curate your dream wardrobe, so putting together outfits for formal events, travel, and even lounge-wear will be effortless.

two stylists smiling nad looking at the camera holding colored fabrid

Taught in a class setting in groups of 3-6, we can add you to a friendly, learning environment with other individuals from the community, or you can create your own group with your friends and family. This class can also be taught virtually.

*Please note that our measurement section of style class takes into account VERTICAL measurements only. Your figure is celebrated, you will walk away with information on dressing your body at every shape and stage. Come as you are, and you will be welcomed in our studio!*


When you love your outfit and feel great about your appearance, you will radiate a confident that will help you thrive in your professional and home life!

House of Colour is a UK-based company, and our franchise in Des Moines opened in 2019. There are locations across the US, and if our Des Moines location does not work for you, please check here for a consultant near you. Our extensive training allows us to offer the most in depth color analysis process in the world. We do not use your eye color or hair color to determine your season, instead our precision dyed draping process reveals your undertones and where in our four palettes (called “seasons”) that you sit.

Once we know your season, we can guide you on all the things! Make-up, hair color, jewelry, and shopping guidelines are included in an appointment, you receive a wallet of swatches and book to help you implement what you’ve learned. Support is given through our exclusive follow-up process.

While fashions, trends and fads come and go, the theory of color remains based in science, logic and objectivity; enabling every client to take their individual WOW! colors and look and feel wonderful. Your confidence grows and the journey to empowerment begins!


Group Color – $249 per person

Individual Color – $349

Men’s Color – $229

Kids Color – $154

Style Class – $295